Climate Refugees – Climate Change and its Impact on displacement

29. August 2023 (18:00)

The climate crisis is not just about rising temperatures and extreme weather events; it’s about the intricate ways in which these changes affect the ecosystems that sustain human life. Most causes of displacement triggered by climate change, such as flooding, hurricanes, desertification or even the sinking of stretches of land, are not new. However, their frequency and magnitude are increasing. The challenge is to better analyze these causes of displacement, identify the areas where the effects of climate change are most likely to occur and examine the character of forced displacement & movements they trigger. In this session, we will connect the dots between climate crisis-humanitarian-displacement nexus through mapping and narrative analysis. Join us in this interesting talk event and grab the opportunity to learn about the climate change from the displaced lens view.

 About the speaker

Our speaker of this talk is Prerna Rathi, who is a humanitarian practitioner and has worked with diverse international organizations in the U.S, UK, Germany, Lebanon, Nigeria, Greece, Nepal and India is going to help us connect the dots. Prerna has been applying a peacebuilding lens through sustained dialogue, peace circles and storytelling with refugees and displaced people.

The talk will take place as an online event in English and participation is free. Registration is necessary in advance: Therefore register right now and mark it in your calendar!

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