AUSSTELLUNG: Menschenrechtsverletzungen in der DR Kongo & Nigeria

Fr, 25.07.2014 | 15:00 20:00 | Kassel (Institut für Sozialwesen Room 1309)

Organizer: University of Kassel & Makerere University

On the 25th and 26th of July 2014 you can join a symposium (in English language). The goal of the symposium is to introduce and discuss approaches and concepts of social work and social development in African contexts.

Friday, 25th of July 2014

15.00 Welcome remarks & introduction (Mark Schrödter, Juri Kilian)
15.30 Social Work in Uganda (Eddy Walakira, Makerere University, Uganda)
16.30 coffee/tea break
16.45 The department of Social Work and Social Administration Makerere University: a leading knowledge
generation and transmission unit for social development solutions in Africa (Hadijah Mwenyango,
Makerere University, Uganda)
17.45 open discussion
19.00 African art & music at Kunstwerkstatt Kriello, Mombachstr. 47
(Case Internationale e.V.)

Saturday, 26th of July 2014

10.00 Struggling to do the right things – young german volunteers in the field of social work in Uganda
(Katharina Mangold, Universität Hildesheim)
11.00 coffee/tea break
11.15 Violence against women and implications for social development (Hadijah Mwenyango, Makerere
University, Uganda)
12.15 Child protection and child wellbeing in Uganda (Eddy Walakira, Makerere University, Uganda)
13.15 lunch break
14.15 Bana Kivuvu – children of hope (Laurette Kaniki, Kinshasa, DRC / Ludwigsburg)
15.00 coffee/tea break
15.15 Virtue ethics as a humanistic practice for social work (Mark Schrödter, Universität Kassel)
16.15 closing session

Juri Kilian: juri.kilian@student.uni-kassel.de

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Institut für Sozialwesen Room 1309, Arnold Bode Str. 10, KasselKarte zu Institut für Sozialwesen Room 1309

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