Strategic global partnerships in education and research

Fr, 08.11.2013 So, 10.11.2013 | - | Fulda ()

Wochenendseminar, das in englischer Sprache stattfindet. Veranstalter: STUBE Hessen / World University Service (WUS) Deutsches Kommitee e.V. in Kooperation mit den Evangelischen Studierendengemeinden (ESG) in Hessen.

The deadline for the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) ends in 2015. The second MDG is “universal education”, another one “global partnerships”. In Hessen many institutions of higher education have agreed upon cooperating with partners all over the world. During the weekend we will learn more about different forms of education. We will, among others, discuss the following questions: How are institutions in the field of education and research connected worldwide? How can the “Southern perspective” gain importance in the curricular of universities? How are education policies and development policies connected? And how can global educational partnerships be promoted?

Seminar will be held in English!

Anmeldefrist: Montag, 28.10.2013

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