Vortragsreise: \"Mandelas Vermächtnis – bewahrt oder vergessen?\"

Mi, 18.11.2015 | 18:00 20:00 | Frankfurt am Main (Uni Campus Westend)

Die Colloquien des Cornelia Goethe Institutes stehen im Wintersemester 2015/16 unter dem Titel: Materialität revisited - Feministische Perspektiven auf ‚alte‘ und ‚neue‘ Materialismen. Die Veranstaltung ist Teil dieser Colloquienreihe.

Veranstaltung des Cornelia Goethe Colloquiums im WS 2015/16

Re-Turning (to) the Matters of Thinking:
A (New) Feminist Materialist Intervention

(New) feminist materialist scholarship is committed to transform inherited
categorical splits between nature and culture, body and mind, matter and
ideation. Because of this conceptually demanding starting point a lot of theoretical
work – the creation of new images of thought (to speak with Gilles
Deleuze) – is necessary. This leads currently into a situation in which what is
called new (feminist) materialism is criticized for being too abstract and too
theoretical, and that it doesn’t sufficiently address and engage with the urgent
political questions of our times. In my lecture I want to intervene in this debate.
Taking recourse to the teaching of feminist theory classes, I argue for an understanding
of thought as action and theory as worlding practice in order to unhinge
the theory/practice split underlying this debate and to address the question
what we might gain from an engagement with new materialist ethico-ontoepistemologies.

Weitere Infos:

Kathrin Thiele is tenured Assistant Professor in Gender Studies
at Utrecht University, Netherlands. She is trained as a critical
theorist with research expertise in continental philosophy, feminist
theories of difference and posthuman(ist) studies. Her current
research explores feminist cosmopolitics from a posthuman(ist)
perspective, and with it she aims at the revitalization of critical
analyses within the (new) humanities. Forthcoming publication:
Symptoms of the Planetary Condition: A Critical Vocabulary, edited
with Mercedes Bunz and Birgit M. Kaiser (meson press 2015).

Uni Campus Westend, Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6,PEG-Gebäude, 1. G 191, Frankfurt am MainKarte zu Uni Campus Westend

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