Workshop „Measuring What Works“

Sa, 14.04.2018 So, 15.04.2018 | - | (Evangelische Studierendengemeinde)

Workshop on practical methods of Monitoring & Evaluation. Instructors: Dr. Meik Nowak (Gustav Stresemann Institut, Bonn) and Sabine Wege (Essen & Philipps-Universität Marburg). Host: weltweit e.V.

Whether or not a development project has a desirable impact and how big this impact is should always be measured in an unbiased and objective way. It makes the project better, it can teach others a lesson and it facilitates the decision of donors whether they should invest in this project. Over the course of 50 years of development aid the international community has come up with many different M&E methods of which we will learn in this workshop the most recent and most practical ones that we can use for our own projects.

The aim of this two days workshop is a) to make you understand the concept of M&E and how it is done effectively and b) to provide you with a tool box of practical M&E methods and make you feel ready to evaluate micro-projects yourself according to an international recognized standard.
The workshop is hosted by WELTWEIT E.V. that supports overseas students to plan and conduct development projects in their home countries together with local initiatives. The evaluation of a project usually stands at the end of the management cycle but to know which rules and tools to apply is a precondition to intelligently plan a project in the beginning. Another aim of this workshop is thus c) to prepare you better plan and initiate your own projects.

The instructors are Dr. Meik Nowak (Gustav Stresemann Institut, Bonn) and Sabine Wege (Essen & Philipps-Universität Marburg). Both have many years of M&E experience working for international organisations and as independent consultants. Two other guest lecturers are requested.

25 Euro - includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Saturday; 15 Euro for accommodation at the Youth Hostel.

Please apply via email to info[at]welt-weit.org and state your field of studies, name of university and/or organisation you work for. You can drop us a line about your personal motivation and expectations of the workshop and we will see to meet these.

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