Online-Vortrag: „The power of telling African stories by Africans“

Di., 12.05.2020 (18.30h - 20.00h) |

Veranstalter*in: Zugvögel e.V. – Regionalgruppe Lüneburg und Leuphana African Students Organization

Aus der digitalen Vorlesungsreihe: Colonial Continuities

Western media has and still is dictating the African story and because of this, Africa has been portrayed as “the inferior and dependent” continent. Telling the positive stories in Africa is not just important to Africans and African media but to the world at large. It is time to change the narrative of the western media, high time everyone told stories that humanises the African continent. As Africans living in Germany, we have that responsibility of invalidating that single story which is a continuity of colonialism. A Good Day in Africa is that intentional space that allows Africans to define and tell their own stories and most importantly, it humanises the African continent.

Speakers: Rebecca Kabejja and Olamide Olayiwola

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Di., 12.05.2020

18.30h - 20.00h