Virtual Talk: „The great divide – Covid-Vaccine distribution worldwide and in India“

Mi., 07.07.2021 (18.00h - 19.30h) |

In the Global North, vaccination campaigns are progressing daily – in many countries of the Global South, however, the population is still waiting for vaccinations to begin. The uneven distribution of vaccines against Covid-19 around the world poses risks for all: if the pandemic continues to rage in some countries while other countries stockpile vaccines, new virus mutations will constantly emerge – with the risk that vaccines will become completely ineffective against them.

We deal with the huge gap in vaccine distribution and the question of global justice in a virtual discussion round. We will focus in particular on the situation in India: India was one of the first countries to demand the lifting of patent protection. Known as the „largest pharmacy in the world“, it produces two vaccines itself in maximum quantities. These were initially distributed generously to other nations for various reasons – until the second wave of the pandemic overtook the subcontinent. Now the national interest is in the foreground to protect its own population.

Our resource persons:

Manuel Koch is head of public relations at DAHW – Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe e. V. As a member of the Alliance of various NGOs Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft, he asks for solidarity-based global strategies in the fight against this pandemic and equitable access to vaccines for all people.

Dr Joseph Britto is a former consultant and honorary senior lecturer in paediatric intensive care at Imperial College at St Mary’s Hospital, London. He co-founded Isabel Healthcare. He advocates efficient as well as effective vaccination strategies in India as well as globally to avert the threat of the pandemic.

Both speakers will give us a short input, after which they will answer your questions! We look forward to a stimulating discussion! The talk will be held in English – you are also welcome to ask your questions in German and we will translate them. If you want to participate, please register here.

This talk is organised by Karuna Deutschland e. V., Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft Darmstadt-Frankfurt e. V. and Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e. V.


Mi., 07.07.2021

18.00h - 19.30h