Virtueller Vortrag: „Talk on Health Work in Times of Corona – challenges in rural India“

Mo., 01.03.2021 (18.00h - 19.30h) | online

In this talk, the resource person, Dr. Rajiv Choudhrie, will be talking about healthcare in India during Covid-19 and the realities of the pandemic in rural areas. In his hospital, located in rural Madhya Pradesh, the staff is already providing the vaccination against Covid. He will inform us about different challenges he is observing in his hospital due to the pandemic.

Padhar Hospital is a charitable mission hospital that has been serving the Adivasi population of central India since 1958. It is a modern multi-speciality hospital providing tertiary care to the poor and needy, and extends its services beyond inpatient medical treatment to community outreach in the form of free surgical camps, malnutrition rehabilitation, mental health screening, mother and child health etc. They also run a College of Nursing, an English-medium school, and a children’s home. The hospital is a unit of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and supported by Friends of Padhar in the UK, Germany and Sweden. Most recently the hospital has partnered with the DIZ as a place of assignment for weltwärts volunteers.

The resource person, Dr. Rajiv Choudhrie, has been the Medical Superintendent of Padhar Hospital since 2008. He is an onco-plastic surgeon specialising in cleft lip and palate surgery and is dedicated to the cause of building the hospital’s capacity to serve.

The talk will be held in English, as a virtual meeting; please register if you want to attend!


Mo., 01.03.2021

18.00h - 19.30h


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