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School of Resistance: Politics of Interdependence

Online-Veranstaltung: „School of Resistance: Politics of Interdependence“

Do., 14.01.2021 |

Veranstalter:in: medico international

A conversation with the academic and co-author of the essay The Care Manifesto Lynne Segal, the historian with an interest in the history of epidemics Edna Bonhomme and the political scientist calling for a global health care Anne Jung to discuss a politics of interdependence.

Our world is ruled by carelessness. Even if the migration crisis and the climate crisis had already tried to bring the truth to light, it is the corona pandemic who made us face that reality. To end the corona crisis and thus save lives, it would require a global solidarity. But with nations fighting over patents and vaccines, the access to health care is a privilege in a world shaped by economic inequality. The dignity of human life is at the centre of our democracy, but are we truly taking care to protect it?

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Do., 14.01.2021