Online Seminar: „Education for Sustainable Development 2030 – UNESCO-Roadmap and Civil Society Perspectives“

Fr., 11.12.2020 (14.30h - 16.30h) | online

Veranstalter*in: VENRO

Climate change, growing inequality, the threat to democratic structures and a lack of political participation – there are various interconnected challenges for a sustainable and just future. SDG 4.7 underlines the importance of life long learning for tackling those multiple challenges. In this context, ESD offers a key framework for education to be the driving force of an urgently needed social transformation.

In November 2020, UNESCO will launch its new Roadmap „ESD for 2030“. The roadmap will shape global and national ESD policies for the next decade. Involving education experts from all five continents, VENRO gathered civil society perspectives towards the UNESCO-Roadmap: The statement “Education is the Key to a Sustainable Future – Civil Society Statement to the UNESCO-Roadmap ‘ESD 2030‘“ formulates expectations, requirements and opportunities for the future of ESD.

  • Alexander Leicht (Chief of Section „Education for Sustainable Development“ – UNESCO-Secretariat Paris)
  • Rilli Lappalainen (Chairperson of Bridge 47, FINGO)
  • Gundula Büker (Spokesperson of the VENRO working group of education)
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    Fr., 11.12.2020

    14.30h - 16.30h


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